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Commercial Facilities Company Offers Valuable Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

Business commercial loans are easy and within reach in a mid-term period. Kuwaiti entrepreneurs laud quick procedures and easy loans

In a testament to its commitment to entrepreneurs, Commercial Facilities Company (CFC) continues to offer a range of commercial services to Entrepreneurs across Kuwait. These services come at competitive interest rates with quick procedures and easy loans. As an added value service, CFC also provide financial consultancy to its customers”

"SMEs in the region and Kuwait in particular, have a large role to play in a country as the economy diversifies”, said Mohammed Al-Qattan, Manager Service Development, Commercial Facilities Company. “We, being one of the eminent Kuwaiti companies in the market, feel it appropriate to contribute towards business operations and enhance corporate growth through the pioneering concepts of young Kuwaiti talents. We take pride in supporting these talents and being a part of their growth through commercial loans.”

“Our business motto earmarks the convenience and promptness of our services and in turn reflects on our consumer-based mission in placing our customers as a first priority. We have been in the market for many years and are pleased to be part of the national economic growth.”

On his part, Meshari Adel Al Shamry, General Manager of Triangle Restaurant, said, “CFC was keen on providing everything I needed for my business to grow as it financed the cars that we use for my company’s special deliveries. This has created the chance for me to focus on the development and growth of my business.”

 “CFC is a well trusted company and that is why I did not hesitate to take the loan from CFC when I decided to expand my company”

CFC’s business commercial loans are easy and available within reach in no time. Thanks to its 34 years of experience in the market and profound understanding of its clients’ needs, the Company offers a practical initiative to continue simplifying its clients’ daily operations through convenient financing solutions. The services that CFC offers vary in the fields of asset financing, vehicles, heavy equipment and appliances that connect to the operational divisions necessary in any company. These services provide active solutions to increase company profits and market share and are easily accessible across 30 different points of sale.

On his part, Sayed Hussein Al Mousawi, General Manager of Al Jothen Company, said, “When I decided to grow with my private project, I preferred to deal with an esteemed finance company with a clear policy that provides a varied range of financial commercial services. Hence, CFC helped me purchase products that contributed to the success of my business. In addition, I found their services very useful in terms of finance consultancy and a stress-free grace period to pay my loans.”

Moreover, Al-Qattan concluded, “Our well-trained customer support team is happy to cater to all clients by all means chosen; either by visiting any of our branches, 30 points of sale, by calling our Call Center or even quicker by contacting us through our own dedicated website, CFCOnline. The latter provides financing applications, paying online installment, plus a financing calculator, all which have been truly lauded by our customers.”